We know that damage is the #1 concern for clients when it comes to having their hair coloured, but the new Matrix pre-bonded formulation ensures optimal condition of the hair throughout the colouring process.

What is pre-bonded?

The new SoColor and SoColor Sync formulas have been enhanced with  exclusive Bond-Protecting Concentrate. This unique blend of taurine and cationic polymers act as an internal bond-support system to strengthen and protect the strands during the colouring process. The pre-bonded formula helps to maintain the integrity of the hair, colour after colour*.

What are the benefits of pre-bonded?

By using SoColor and SoColor Sync pre-bonded formulas, you can colour with confidence because the new and improved products will help to protect your inner hair structure, colour after colour* The new formulas mean that you can now have, with even the most fragile hair, colour services without the fear of damage. The formulas fortify the hair for less breakage, something we’re sure all of you will love


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